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Brag Book

Brother Patrick:

perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect!

This apron looks amazing and is exactly what I hoped it would be. A big fraternal and sincere thank you for making this apron – it is so beautiful and meaningful to me. The anchor is especially symbolic for me. Besides the very nautical heritage of my family, my daughter’s name is Hope and the symbol for Hope is the anchor.

I will wear it proudly!


Brother Zane

W:.B:. Patrick Craddock and team:

I have received my personalized "Contemplation" Apron with the custom spheres. As an esoteric Mason I am so pleased with the design and the execution of this perfect work of art. I will be wearing it tonight for a district meeting and I am amazed at the detail and the perfection in the design. You and your team have outdone yourselves once again. I am so happy and so proud and cannot wait to wear it! I look forward to brothers asking me where I found this and will definitely refer them to you. You have brought back integrity and elegance to the apron and I am grateful to have found your company. I would like to get a picture of me in it and send it to you for your brag book or Facebook testimonial, but I am sold! Keep up the great work and thank you for the great opportunity for me to own my very own apron that speaks of who I am and my values. I will be ordering another apron from you soon as I am so pleased. Thank you brother for taking the time to work with me and my preferences and also for your staff who helped make this a reality. I commend you all for a great experience. Have a great day!

In the Light,

Bro. Brandon A. McCluskey
Croton Lodge No. 368
Carmel, NY

"I received the new ring in the mail yesterday, and all I can say is... Wow...... It was absolutely awesome! It surpassed all my expectations! Once again I truly appreciate your assistance. And the ring is stellar!"

Adam W. Thompson

"W∴ B∴ Craddock; words cannot express my gratitude for translating my design to the beautiful apron you made for me. I wanted to express in my design the offices to which I was called to serve and to include symbols which represented my strong desire to serve the Craft to the best of my ability. You took the basic symbols I used and made them a showcase of beauty which I will be honored to wear wherever my Masonic travels take me. I am very proud of the way my apron looks and the fact that it is unique to me. I wish you a great success in the coming years and that you continue to impart on all Brother Masons a feeling of pride and satisfaction in the Craft as you have done for me with this apron. I found the price for this apron to be fair with the competitive market and dollar for dollar a more superior product. Thanks again for everything you have done for me."

Jose M. Marrero, Sr.
Worshipful Master
Hancock Lodge No. 311
Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas

"WOW! I received my package today and I was speechless. Having regalia like this just uplifts the whole experience and I can't tell you how much it warms my heart knowing that people like you care so much about the finer details of our beloved fraternity. Thanks again Patrick I can't wait to send you pictures of our consecration ceremony."

Matt Ruth

Brother Craddock,
The glasses arrived today. They look wonderful. THANK YOU!!! If you ever need to give names as a reference to a potential customer, I would be pleased to be such a reference. Again, thank you!

Sincerely & Fraternally,
Daniel L Slavik
Grand Master of Masons in Wisconsin
Grand Lodge of F&AM of Wisconsin

The apron came, excellent timing, and I hid it in another brothers apron case behind the SW station. I asked the newly installed master if I could have control of the floor, asked all of the officer to join me West of the alter, and the out going master and his wife to join us to make the presentation. Everyone took the apron, and passed it down to the brother next to him, and finally handed it to the recipient. Brother Don was absolutely in shock, and blown away, and began to tear up. I spoke with his wife a few days later at our picnic, and she told me that when they got home that evening, they did not go to sleep for a while, and he keep looking at the apron. After the installation, I got the attached picture snapped, and Don remarked that the apron was way too nice to wear. All the members and about 50 visitors also present were impressed; Grand Master, and two Past Grand Masters thought very highly of it too. All and all, I am more than pleased, and it was a pleasure working with you. I will suggest to our Past Master Committee, the next time they meet, that next year, we purchase a similar apron for the out going master. If they do not, I plan to purchase one for myself after my year. Thank you, -Patrick

Brother Patrick, As we celebrated Memorial Day yesterday, the post office was closed. This afternoon, however, I responded to the post office and was pleased to have found the apron lying in wait. I could hardly contain by eagerness while opening the package to lay eyes on your creation. When I pulled it out of the box, I was flabbergasted at its beauty, its symmetry and its symbolic meaning. You are a credit to your profession and it is with much pride that I can include you as one of my dear brothers. What a beautifully crafted piece of artwork! The weeping virgin did in fact add value and balance to your design. Thank you for allowing me the honor to wear such a magnificent piece of artwork which personifies the principles and beliefs of our profession.

Daniel Mata

"Bro. Craddock is an incredibly skilled and quite historically knowledgeable artisan. His attention to the finest detail is incredible. Pat creates truly unique one of a kind aprons that are true works of art. Simply put… outstanding."

Bro. Daniel Houde
Cobleskill Lodge No. 394
Cobleskill, NY

Words such as "exquisite," "awesome," and "masterpiece" do not even begin to describe what you have accomplished with this apron! I don't think that I have ever laid eyes upon such a work of art related to the craft. ...The apron will be presented to (Glenn) as a gift from me on the occasion of his being raised to the Sublime Degree. ...I wanted a fine gift to commemorate his raising-- and your fine apron fills that bill nicely!

Bro. Tom Herres

Dear Bro. Patrick, I received my apron case and bow tie today. Thank you for your generosity in dismissing the difference in cost. I sincerely appreciate your kind gesture good Brother. I continue to share the good news of your superb craftsmanship and honorable good business dealings in keeping with our Masonic obligations. You are a credit to Masonry in America and I am privileged to have met you. I look forward to seeing you again, perhaps at the 2014 MRF symposium in Cincinnati. Be Well Good Brother & Thank you again.
On the Five Points of Fellowship,
Bro. Thomas Pierce

Gentlemen, Just wanted to let you know that I received my past master's apron (Solomon's Porch) this morning. It's simply beautiful. I shall wear it with pleasure to myself and honor to the fraternity. Thank you for your craftsmanship.

WB David Massey-Brown
Friend Lodge #352
Ozark, MO

Brother Chris, I'd like to let you know that I received the bow tie in the mail yesterday and it is perfect, thanks so much!! Your excellent customer service is truly unsurpassed. Travel well!
Sincerely & Fraternally,
Bro. Kevin Carl Tabor
Dallas Lodge No. 231
Pittsburgh, PA

My Brother... We were away at Cape Cod, and just came back to see my Apron. What a beautiful piece of art! I'm so glad you are doing this, and that I now have mine. Hopefully I'll be sending you more business. Fraternally, Bro. R. David Jones

From GM Jarrod Atkisson
I met Patrick Craddock at the Conference of Grand Masters in Atlanta, GA in 2012. In sitting down with him over the course of three days we became friends; and I discovered his immense artistic talent and vision through his opus. The visual imagery of his designs and the story that they conveyed is what attracted me to his work. Something that I wanted to use to tell my story during my year as GM. The design work and attention to detail are what draws you in; but then just sitting down and talking with Pat about his ideas and vision are what ensnares you. I tend to be more of a visual learner - and his ability to relate a story through symbolism and artistry are beyond measure.

I anxiously look forward to what Pat will craft next. I am pround and honored that Pat's designs and artistry are a part of my year as GM.

Worshipful Sir, the Apron I received a beautiful Apron that many of the Brothers in my Lodge have commented on saying the same thing. One of the stationed officers and an appointed officer have said when their year as Master is over they would like one also; the workmanship is great as is the quality of the material used. I will be recommending you to others as I wear my Apron visiting other Lodges. Again Thank You for my Apron I will wear it with pride. Fraternally Chris PM Union #38.

My father in law, Harold, loved the apron. He was amazed at the detail that you put into it and asked me all kinds of questions about you and your business. The gift was a great success and like I said, it will become something that will be passed down through the generations in the family. Thanks again for helping us make this a very special Christmas for him. Scott Evans