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Deep-Carved Masonic Rocks Glass, Working Tools

The unique deep carving method for creating these Masonic rocks glasses offers deep-relief images that are far more substantial and permanent than conventional laser engraving or surface etching. You have to feel the face of these glasses to believe it! You will find these high-quality glasses only at The Craftsman's Apron Sets of 4 glasses are available at the discounted price of $90.


The Craftsman's Apron is dedicated to providing Freemasons with the highest quality Masonic glassware, Masonic rings, Masonic aprons, gifts and more. Our goal is to help our noble Craft regain the elegance and dignity that was once the hallmark of Freemasonry and for our regalia to be recognized as the distinguished badge of every Mason.

$25.00 Available

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Jeff Cheyne, WM 2 years ago

The pictures do not do these glasses justice. Beautifully etched with careful attention to detail. Definitely a bargain for the price.

E Kanawi 4 years ago

Beautiful, quality glassware. Just what I would expect from The Craftsmans Apron.

Shawn Eyer 4 years ago

This glassware is beautiful. The Masonic design is tasteful and appropriate, and the quality of the glasses themselves is excellent. I'd recommend these to anyone.

Robert Davis 4 years ago

One of the joys of being a man is paying attention to what defines us. Whether we are sharing a favorite moment with a few close friends or savoring the quiet solitude of our personal man cave, when it comes to refreshment, both the excellence of the beverage and the quality of the container make a statement about us. I am delighted with the set of Masonic Rocks glasses now available through TCA. The weight of the glass and the deep etching of the Mason's emblems that are set in relief upon it, shout quality and integrity in craftsmanship and image. These are special. These are one of a kind. These help me communicate to my friends that they too are special. Even when I'm alone, they remind me of who I am as a man. I highly recommend these fine glasses for the special friends and occasions in your life.

anonymous 4 years ago

very nice quality glassware.