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The "Ancient York" Masonic Bowtie

This Masonic bowtie features various Masonic symbols in a paisley-type pattern. It is a beautiful, but subtle tie that features silver colored embroidery on a striking blue field. This tie can only be found at The Craftsman's Apron. 100% silk.

The design was commissioned by Worshipful Brother Christopher Busby for his installation as Master of Ancient York Lodge No. 89 in Nashua, New Hampshire on January 17, 2015.


The Craftsman's Apron is dedicated to providing Freemasons with the highest quality Masonic regalia, gifts, and personal effects available. Our goal is to help our noble Craft regain the elegance and dignity that was once the hallmark of Freemasonry and for our regalia to be recognized as the distinguished badge of every Mason.

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Philip S last year

Concur with the previous reviewer. I prefer not to shout from the roof top when I can say hello in a personal fashion. Thanks for the killer bow tie.

Michael O. 2 years ago

I love how subtle it is, yet recognizable to those in the know. Not only is this tie georgeous, but it's well made. Definitely my favorite!