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Tucker Fellow Craft Tracing Board FRAMED PRINT

These one of a kind tracing boards were designed and printed by James Tucker, master pressman and proprietor of The Aesthetic Union, a letterpress shop and gallery in San Francisco. The tracing boards are of his own design, originally commissioned by the Henry W. Coil Library & Museum of Freemasonry for their 2014 exhibit.

They take elements from various tracing boards and floor cloths from the 18th century but also incorporate visuals from turn-of-the-century tracing boards and other esoteric sources. Originally painted on large canvases for the Grand Lodge, James redesigned the boards for a smaller, more intimate setting. Using pen and ink initially, he then used a combination of hand cut and digital techniques to create letterpress printing plates.

Each tracing board is printed on 100% American-made cotton paper using a vintage Heidelberg printing press, giving the prints a superior ink quality and a biting impression. Prints are then trimmed down on a 1890 Golding hand guillotine to 5" by 7", the perfect size for home, office, or travel meditation on the Craft.

$60.00 Available