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Bespoke Aprons

Bespoke by The Craftsman's Apron

Bespoke is the highest level of quality to be achieved in the manufacture of Masonic Aprons. Our bespoke aprons require immense craftsmanship and time, and are the result of a devotion to the art of making aprons. As with all handmade goods, price is greater than mass-produced.

Bespoke is in the details. We will help you with every detail of the apron, offering a wide array of options from bullion embroidery to the hand-painted symbols on your apron. Everything about your bespoke apron will represent you. Bespoke aprons can be for Past Masters, Scottish Rite, York Rite, Grand Lodge, Blue Lodge officers, or everyday Lodge wear for Master Masons. These works of art are created to reflect your personality and your Masonic life.

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